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The application for a South Carolina Tuition Grant is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The paper version of the FAFSA can be obtained from all South Carolina high schools and colleges.  The on-line version of the FAFSA (the "FAFSA on the Web") can be accessed through the link on this page.  By submitting the FAFSA directly to the federal government's processor and by listing the participating South Carolina independent college of your choice in the college choice section, the Tuition Grants Commission will be able to electronically receive your application from the federal processor.  The Commission will then use your application information to determine your eligibility for a South Carolina Tuition Grant.  Also, since South Carolina Tuition Grants are available only to legal residents of South Carolina, students and parents should be sure to accurately complete all questions on the FAFSA regarding state residency.

    Applications should be submitted after January 1 of the year that you plan to attend.  Apply as early as possible.  The deadline for receipt of 2014-2015 applications (enrollment in Fall 2014 classes) is June 30, 2014.  All eligible applications received by the federal processor by June 30 will be funded.

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